The Write Design LLC


10" x 8" Booklet; 48 pages
Client: One World Center for Autism, Inc.
Design: A. Grace Tesnau

THRIVE Booklet

This project was sheer joy to create! My tasks included designing, copyediting, and tapping into my Spanish-speaking skills to coordinate the Spanish translation of the booklet (readers can flip it upside down to access the Spanish cover and content).

This bilingual booklet was commissioned by One World Center for Autism, Inc., an organization that supports those living with autism in Prince George's County, Maryland. The booklet is distributed by maternity wards in Prince George's County hospitals to mothers who live within the county, and is designed to help new parents understand what to expect during their child's first five years of development.



7" x 9.5" Book; 240 pages
Client: General Conference Youth Ministry
Design: A. Grace Tesnau & Regina Reaves

Steps to discipleship

I still remember the adrenaline rush and the late nights involved in creating this book, with only a few days to get the job done. The quick turnaround didn't stop me from having fun with this project however—if you flip through this book's clean design from beginning to end, you might notice that the trees in the margins transition from winter to spring as the book unfolds.

The cover and chapter dividers were designed in collaboration with Regina Reaves, and in the process I discovered her knack for finding the perfect image for any job!

8" x 10" Booklet; 32 pages
Client: Adventist Colleges Abroad
Design: A. Grace Tesnau

Student magazine and course catalog

It's not every day I get to revamp an organization's image from the ground up, but Adventist Colleges Abroad gave me just that chance. I began their rebranding with a new logo, then streamlined their Catalog of Courses, and finished by created an attractive magazine that provides just enough details to awaken the wanderlust within each adventurous student who will say YES! to studying abroad. Since this client advertises heavily in trade show environments,  I also designed a tabletop display and a custom tablecloth for their 8 ft tables, which are sure to help them stand out in a crowd.